Bridging Continents

Allego Global connects Eastern and Western markets through our five main offices located in Canada, Germany, China, South Korea and UAE.

Allego Global

Allego Global Corp is an international business development firm with an integrated global network. Allego services the needs of our clients, connecting Eastern and Western markets through our four main offices located in Canada, Germany, China, and South Korea.


Allego Global distributes earth friendly, zero plastic consumer products. Our research and development also focuses on sustainable solutions for soil remediation and water filtration.

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Development Services

Allego Global offers multiple services to help your company expand into new countries and grow its market share though our e-commerce platform and global connections.

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Allego performs engineering-based projects including combinations of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services as well as Project Management

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For more information about our earth-friendly consumer products, please visit our B2B e-commerce platform on the Envirowise website

Sustainable Development

  • Micro Water Filtration
  • Recovery Resources from Hazardous Waste
  • Elimination of Risks from Noxious Plants
  • Removal of Medical Waste
  • Consumer Earth-friendly Product

For more information about our pumps and valves, please visit our industrial website: 

ALLEGO Global Project Development Services cover an integrated range of management and engineering activities, Including:

Delivering strategic, sustainable
and technically sound services.