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Allego Global’s environmental solutions are based on our ability to procure the highest performance technology available. Our partners’ products and expertise ensure quality recommendations for the different situations and permitting issues in our clients’ specific jurisdictions.

Together with Universal Filter Group

Our water filtration systems have proven themselves for more than 25 years, with over 250 plants operating in Canada and the USA. Our ability to customize specific systems for our clients and offer the most up-to-date technology has been the main reason we have continued to grow and expand our sales territories. Customer satisfaction, repeat business, and numerous referrals have made us one of the premiere water filtration companies in Canada and across the world.

Together with Econ Industries

With our soil contamination technology partner, Econ Industries, exciting opportunities exist to change how land remediation is carried out in Canada, North America, and globally. Our Zero Emissions Output technology will bring Canada up to date with the rest of the world. The current practice of simply burying or moving contaminants from one location to another is not a solution. Contaminants need to be extracted permanently so that our future generations will be able to safely enjoy the reclaimed land.

Together with Clean Waste Sytems

Clean Waste Systems OMW uses “patented” technology utilizing ozone and special handling capabilities to treat and sterilize medical waste. While representing a breakthrough in sustainable technology, this solution makes business sense by providing almost immediate cost savings. The OMW is able to grind and treat regulated medical waste: red bag, pathological and sharps in a self-contained all enclosed system. The quiet and safe operation also uses minimal energy and does not rely on heat, resulting in the market’s safest waste treatment system with Zero emissions. The system shreds medical waste into fine particles prior to treating/sterilizing with high levels of Humidizone™, humidified ozone. 

Together with Solubag

Solubag invented a new raw material made by a synthesis from calcium carbide and natural minerals. Solubag’s environmentally friendly bags can be completely dissolved in 5 minutes with hot water.  Plastics meanwhile can take up to 500 years to decompose. The bags can be produced in the same machinery that currently manufactures flexible films, replacing the plastic material for Solubag’s raw material.

Global C

Together with Global C

Global C’s NeverLeak Takeaway Collection is a solution for the times. Free of plastic, these paperboard containers are premium, sustainable alternatives to the plastic or plastic-coated products currently used in the food-service industry. They are 100% home and industrially compostable. Global C makes the containers with NeverLeak technology so they are leakproof and suitable for all types of takeaway food from salads to pasta, curries, and Asian stirfries. Remarkably, Global C containers can be frozen to -40℃ and safely heated in an oven to 180℃ or microwaved at high settings.  


Together with Spoontainable

Spoontainable’s edible cutlery is one of Allego’s sustainable alternatives for plastics. With their edible ice cream spoon, we can take the first step towards a more sustainable future. Spoontainable uses rescued cocoa shells to create their edible spoons. Spoontainable’s cutlery can even be eaten after use because their recipe consists of 100% natural ingredients.

We Deal With these Types of Typical Waste:

Mercury - Containing Waste & Soil

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Grinding Swarf & Mill Scale Sludge

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Drill Cuttings, Refinery Waste, Tank Bottoms

Any Place, any Size

hydrocarbon - contaminated soil

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Spent Catalysts and Activated Carbon

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Other Hazardous Waste

Any Place, any Size

Filtration of Water & Sterilization of Invasive Species:

Micro Filtration

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Invasive Plant

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Purified Water

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We Deal With these Types of Medical Waste:

Regulated Medical Waste

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Pathological and Sharps

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Red Bag

Any Place, any Size